MacArthur students take the MAP test during the 2020-21 school year

Despite the current distance learning measure, the Santa Ana Unified School District decided to continue the Measure of Annual Progress for both reading and math.

MacArthur students began taking the Measure of Annual Progress Testing during distance learning on September 28 at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  MAP Testing ran similarly while distance learning as it does on campus, except now the tests were taken at the homes of the students rather than at school. 

Eighth-grader Abigail Vu said, “I don’t like MAP Testing from home because at school I can focus better.  With all the distractions at home, it’s not easy to concentrate.”

Principal Mr. Ray Gonzales said, “MAP testing benefits MacArthur students by being able to measure how much students have improved over a period of time.”

The MAP results help teachers focus on the strengths and opportunities of growth of their students.  It also helps teachers lesson plan and target instruction to give students the best opportunity of becoming better at math and language arts.  Teachers also provide their students with test-taking strategies which they may use on other reading and math tests.

Gonzales said, “MAP scores are used to measure how much a student has grown over time.  This helps teachers, principals, and parents understand where a student needs extra support.”

The MAP test occurs three times throughout the school year, in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.  At each test, students have a personal goal to reach because the MAP is based on a growth model and not an overall proficiency.

The Santa Ana Unified School District has decided to continue with MAP Testing because they felt the need to monitor the students’ progress or categories in which they may lack progress due to distance learning and what they and parents can do to help.  Some problems that students encountered during MAP Testing were connectivity issues.

Julian Pastrana, eighth-grader, said, “Yes, I am proud of my results.  I got higher than last year and could have done worse.”

This school year, about 1,200 Chromebooks were distributed to students in which they used to access their Zoom Meetings, turn in their work, and contact teachers for help if needed.  The MAP Testing makeups took place in Mr. Whisner’s office hours, who is MacArthur’s testing coordinator.  About 90 percent of MacArthur students have completed their MAP Testing.  The Santa Ana Unified School District has used MAP Testing for more than over 6 years.