Van plows through the fence and drives across the back field

The campus was put on a 30-minute lockdown following a reckless driver crashing his van through the fence.

On Tuesday February 21 at around 4:40, a car ran through the fence in the back field behind the basketball courts. The suspect’s name was Nicholas Sanudo and he was reportedly trying to avoid police, which is why he ran through the fence.

Principal Mr. Ray Gonzales was on his way home when he heard about the incident. “I was scared and I was also concerned about the safety of the students,” said Gonzales. “The lockdown was about 30 minutes long.” 

The path that the van took was it crashed through the back fence, which borders the field, and it started honking its horn.  The van went across the grass, before exiting down the river channel.

One witness to the incident was eighth-grader David L. “I wasn’t really scared,.I was just focused on trying to get away,” said David. “I thought it was pretty crazy, and I also couldn’t believe it but also thought it was an exciting experience to witness.”

After being arrested, the suspect was charged with several counts. Sanudo was charged with assault with a deadly weapon as well as evading a police officer.

Another person at the incident was eighth-grader Alex H. “I wasn’t scared at all. I was fearless and I was a leader for all my classmates.  I reacted by running away immediately,” said Alex.

There have been other incidents besides this event where the car crashes through the fence. In November 2017 there was a break-in in the student store. There were smashed windows and there they also stole candy and other supplies.  Last year, there was also a fire along the ivy on the fence near room 1 shortly after school resumed.