The Tiger's Tale

The Great Kindness Challenge supports a friendly campus

Marcela Sosa and Leanne Tellez, Staff Reporters

February 17, 2020

At the end of every January, the counselors promoted kindness in students by participating in The Great Kindness Challenge.  The campaign was held in the quad and in the corridor next to the library.  Throughout the week, Counselors...

Students take the annual District Writing Assessment

Melanie Vargas, Staff Reporter

February 17, 2020

MacArthur students completed the District Writing Assessment on January 22-24.  Students tested in their Language Arts classes and were given a prompt to read, respond to in a complete, typed essay.  The District Writing Assessment...

Pep Rallies build spirit and recognition before tournaments

Yamilet Barrera and Pranju Pandey, Staff Reporters

February 17, 2020

A.S.B., Assistant principal Mr. Steve Bayouk, Counselor Mrs. Laurie Tristan and the coaches organized the Pep Rally for the hockey and volleyball team before their tournament on February 1.  The Pep Rally was to build spirit a...

Eighth graders held accountable

Baldo Rodriguez and Diego Solis, Staff Reporter

February 17, 2020

All eighth graders receive end-of-the-year privileges as part of promotion. The privileges include the eighth-grade dance, the Knott’s Berry Farm field trip, the slide show, and the promotion ceremony.  All the eighth-grad...

Active Skate Team demonstrates their skills on campus

Baldo Rodriguez and Diego Solis, Staff Reporters

December 17, 2019

The Active Skate Team performed a demonstration at MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate on December 13 during lunch on the blacktop.  Because the Boardriders club sold over 100 pairs of socks, the team agreed to the demonstratio...

STEM night encourages girls to get involved

Valeria Flores and Marcela Sosa, Staff Reporters

December 17, 2019

Science Teacher Mrs. Esther Flores coordinated a Girls STEM Night on December 13 in her classroom, room 2.  The Girls STEM night encouraged and inspired girls to engage and participate in the math and science disciplines by meet...

Gum chewing consequence now two campus clean beautifications

Jamie Colchado and Kaylie Amaya, Staff Reporters

November 7, 2019

At MacArthur Fundamental School, students will now receive two campus clean-ups for chewing gum.  At lunchtime, students with a campus beautification will eliminate litter in the quad. Previously, the consequence for chewing gum ...

The MacArthur faculty welcomes three new teachers

Yelsey Ortiz, Staff Reporter

October 17, 2019

On the first day of school, three teachers joined the MacArthur faculty: Mrs. Heather Rigby, Mrs. Krystal Darrow, and Ms. Zyania Lizarraga.  They replaced Ms. Janelle Nagle, Mr. Tanilo Ponce, and Mrs. Fabiola Thahab, respective...

Spirit Rush recruited students into this year’s organizations

Alexa Martinez, Staff Reporter

October 17, 2019

On Tuesday, September 3 and Thursday, September 5 Assistant Principal Mr. Ray Gonzales, club advisors, and ASB students and the A.S.B Adviser Mrs. Maria Vicario hosted the Spirit Rush.  The Spirit Rush was held in the P.A.R at l...

The Back to School Dance raises over $1300

Valeria Flores, Staff Reporter

October 17, 2019

The A.S.B. and Journalism/Yearbook clubs hosted the Back to School Dance on September 20 as a fundraiser.  The dance was held in the PAR and the clubs and A.S.B. Adviser Mrs. Maria Vicario ran the snack bar with the help of ...

Sixth graders win the Summer Reading contest

Natalie Nava, Staff Reporter

October 17, 2019

The sixth-grade students won the Summer Reading contest by having 319 students out of 408 pass the James and The Giant Peach.  Second place was seventh grade by having 297 out 408 passing Tale of Despereaux.  Eighth grade placed thi...

Blacktop and field are repaired at the start of school

Baldo Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

October 15, 2019

The Santa Ana Unified School District paid for the repair of the blacktop and the backfield at the start of the school year.   For the blacktop, workers patched up holes with asphalt, which had worsened increasingly during la...

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