First awards assembly recognizes over 150 students

The first of three awards assembly, held on December 2, recognized students for All Stars, Athletics, and Reading Counts.

“The awards assembly is a great way to show MacArthur’s pride and achievement in this school,” said Principal Mr. David Casper.

On Friday December 2, the first awards assembly was held in the quad after second period.  Casper and Assistant Principal Mr. Craig Johnson spent about two hours organizing the event.

The awards assembly started with Casper asking which grade level was the loudest.  He yelled out each grade level, sixth, seventh, and eighth, then asked students to call back – “Tigers Rock The House.”  It was a spirited beginning.

Then All Stars, Cross Country, Football, Volleyball, and Reading Counts awards were given.  All Stars is a school-wide reward program where students collect signatures to go above and beyond traditional classroom tasks.  Cross Country, Football, and Volleyball were the Fall sports, whose seasons have concluded, and Reading Counts is the campus-wide literacy program for all students.  

“Reading is enjoyable and with that being part of my curriculum has been fun,” said sixth grader Philana Trieu.

Regarding Reading Counts, Casper issued a challenge to students.  At the final awards assembly, he wants million word readers to circle the quad.  If students can meet that challenge, a reward, such as extended lunch, will be given.

According to Johnson, awards assemblies are important to recognize student achievement at school. The whole point about the awards assembly is to reward students that are showing spirit, pride, and achievement.  

Casper’s goal for awards assemblies is for everybody to be on time, and for more students to be recognized.  According to Casper, there were 150 awards given out on December 2.  

“I was glad for getting an award and hopefully I can get another one,” said seventh-grader Mikayla Moreno.

The categories are chosen by current events that have happened. The category that has the most students is sports.

The assembly ran from 9:30-10:05 AM.  If a student was recognized but was absent he/she received his/her award the following week.

“As the first, first year All Star, I felt honored to be in this position because all the work I dedicated finally paid off,” said sixth grader Ashley Lam.