Boardrider’s Anonymous reaches goal of selling over 100 pairs of socks

Professional skaters representing Active will visit MacArthur in January after Boardriders Anonymous sold over 100 pairs of socks.

Physical Education Teacher Mr. Patrick Evans sold Active Socks for seven dollars a pair during lunch for Boardriders Anonymous.  There are 53 sock options in all, decorated in different colors and designs.  He started selling them on Tuesday, November 15 and ended on the last Tuesday before Winter Break, which is on December 20.

A representative from the brand Active asked Evans if he wanted to sell the socks at school.  The club was able to reach their goal of 100 pairs of socks, so professional Active skaters will come to MacArthur during lunch, and the Boardriders Anonymous club will have a party.  The skaters will visit in January, but a date has not been set.  

Representatives from the Active brand in Costa Mesa brought the socks to Evans.  Evans actually got the idea from a teacher at McFadden Intermediate, who called him so he took the offer.  Evans has been selling the socks for two years, last year and this year. He sold more last year when he sold 300 pairs of socks, raising over $200.  

Along with the socks, Evans is also having a raffle. When the students buy their socks, they receive a ticket for the raffle. Students just write his/her name on the ticket and if that ticket gets picked from the bucket, he/she will get a blank new skateboard deck along with grip tape.

“It was a pain in the butt but not so bad. It took over a bunch of my lunch time but we get a skate demo out of it. This was a fundraiser for boardriding club so the skaters can come skate for us,” said Evans.