MacArthur competes in Breakfast Challenge

In an effort to get more students to eat breakfast, SAUSD continued its annual awareness campaign: the Breakfast Challenge.

The week of March 6 through March 10 all schools in Santa Ana Unified School District competed in the Breakfast Challenge.  The Breakfast Challenge is an encouragement campaign for students to begin school with breakfast.   The rules are simple: 90% of students just have to go to breakfast or nutrition, and MacArthur would be eligible to win a BBQ.  According to Cafeteria Supervisor Mrs. Celina Vargas, the purpose of the breakfast challenge is to increase the participation of students and make sure the students have a healthy start to the day.

“Having this challenge at my district shows me that the nutrition staff really cares about the health of the students,” said seventh-grader Mariela Rodriguez

Winners of the Breakfast Challenge will receive a BBQ for all students and staff members during lunch.  The prize will be rewarded in May.  According to Vargas, there are going to be 6 winners in all from SAUSD, 2 intermediate schools, 1 high school, and 3 elementary schools.

Vargas said there is an opportunity for MacArthur to win this year since the school has not won in past years. “Si se puede,” said Vargas.  In order to win this event, 90% of the students have to come to breakfast or nutrition.  Middle schools have a greater opportunity to winning because they get nutrition time.  Breakfast starts at 7:15 and Vargas said that not many students are going.

“I hope many students participate in going to breakfasts so my school can win the BBQ,” said sixth-grader Sofia de Loera.

Winners will be announced the week of March 13-March 17.  In past years, one school that won was Jim Thorpe Fundamental during 2014-2015. The lunch that was given out was a grilled hamburger along with your juice and a cookie.