MacArthur PFO hosted second skate night of the year

After a successful first run on January 20, PFO held the second skate night of the year

On Friday March 10, from 6:00 to 8:30, the MacArthur PFO (Parent Faculty Organization), ran a crazy-hair day skate night in Fountain Valley Skating Center.  This idea was brought from parent of a MacArthur student from Jim Thorpe Elementary School and PFO President Mrs. Becky Clevenger.

Clevenger arranged the first skate night on Friday, January 20 and it went well, so she decided to do another one.  That was MacArthur’s first skate night of the year.  “It was just a general PFO fundraiser,” said Co-Treasurer Mrs. Sasha Phipps.  What they did to get publicity is put posters up all over the school, sent home flyers, and posted it on their Facebook page.

The PFO expected to raise $200-$250.  They met their goal and raised $214 dollars.  About 143 people attended this fundraiser night.  To add to that, there was a raffle for the fundraiser.  The prizes were gift cards for McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Target for $5 each, and also gave passes for discounts for families who want to go skate anytime.

Six skate passes were given to students at school on Monday, March 13 in the morning during the announcements.  This second skate night went so well again, they are doing a third one on Friday, May 12 with a crazy socks theme.  

Seventh-grader Maria Chimal said, “I enjoy going to skate night because I love to hangout with most of my friends, having a good time, watching them fall a lot and just making memories that I won’t forget.”  

Seventh grader Daniel Rivero said, “It was really fun hanging out with my friends.”

Corrections added – the next skate night is May 12, not April 14 as originally reported