National Counseling Week puts student learning front and center

Following the lead of the American Counselor Association, MacArthur hosted National Counseling Week February 6-10

MacArthur celebrated National Counseling Week from February 6-10, as determined by The American School Counselor Association.  Counselors Ms. Christine Silva and Mrs. Laurie Tristan oversaw a series of activities to teach students about promoting kindness and learning about themselves.

“I really enjoyed participating in National Counseling Week, and I look forward to participating in next year,” said seventh-grader Madelyn Rodriguez.

According to Tristan, Counseling Week was important because they want to help students understand what school counselors do to support learning.  The theme this year was, “Helping Students Realize Their Potential.”  There were several activities students could complete to participate.

Tristan and Silva have been coordinating Counseling Week for two years.  They spent about one day to organize each activity and took turns leading the activities at lunch.  Some activities were completed for fun, but others ended with a reward stamp.  

On Monday February 6, the activity was called potential to make connections.  The objective was going on a scavenger hunt to meet new friends.  Students were given a sheet of different sentences and their job was to go around and ask staff, administration, students, or teachers that question and if they actually say yes they sign it.  For example, Science Teacher Mrs. Valerie Armstrong signed off that she had cereal for breakfast that morning.  If students completed the whole paper, they received a treat.

“In my opinion, this event should continue to flow throughout all the years because its great learning about your future and yourself.  My favorite activity was the scavenger hunt,” said seventh-grader Mariana Garcia.

On Tuesday February 7, the activity was called was potential to be unique.  The purpose of this activity was to make a name card to show off the uniqueness that each students have.  Students were given a blank card where they wrote their name in their own creative way.  As a reward, they gave out a stamp with a positive message on it as a little reward.

On Wednesday February 8,  the activity was called potential to promote kindness.  The lesson of this activity was to be kind to anyone.  Students were given a random sheet of paper where it either said help a friend that is injured or just be kind to someone.  Their job was to go around and promote that act of kindness and get is signed off by that student or staff.

On Thursday February 9, the activity was called potential to set new goals.  The purpose of this activity was to set up goals to achieve for the future.  Students were given a sheet and they were supposed to write down a goal. When they were done, they were given a reward.

On Friday February 10, the activity was called potential to dream.  The objective was to take a picture describing your dream for the future.  Students were to write on a chalkboard what they want to be when they grow up or what their dream is.  

Each day had abundance of people participating.  On the day of the scavenger hunt there was more than 100 students and the rest of the days were 50-60 students. All five days were about 400 students.  Tristan’s favorite activity was the scavenger hunt.

Tristan continues to look at ways of being involved with all MacArthur students.  Counseling week was a way to reach out and have students be involved with their counselors.

“I hope that students enjoyed learning about themselves during National School Counseling Week,” said Tristan.