Dr. Ahangarzadeh and Dr. Cochran take over as Assistant Principals

Following the departure of previous Assistant Principals Mr. Craig Johnson and Ms. Jamie Bates, two new assistant principals join school administration.

For the current 2017-2018 year, MacArthur has two new assistant principals.  Coming from the district office is Dr. Emil Ahangarzadeh, who splits time between Villa Fundamental and MacArthur.  Also from the district office, Dr. Marjorie Cochran is filling in on an interim basis until a new assistant principal is hired.

According to Dr. Ahangarzadeh, this is the first year he is an assistant principal but his 17th year working at an administrative position.  At the district office, he worked for the Information and Technology Department for two and a half years.  

For MacArthur, his expectations for this school are to make sure the students are having fun during the school day.  He expects students to be scholars because he heard that MacArthur is an amazing site.  Ahangarzadeh enjoys working with Principal Mr. David Casper.

Along his journey, Ahangarzadeh’s father and brother supported him to be successful at school.  He earned his Bachelor’s Degree at Cal State LA, his master’s degree at UCLA, his teaching and administrator credentials at Cal State Northridge, and his doctor’s degree at University of Phoenix.  His favorite subject in school was drama because he liked the entertainment of it.  

“Always believe in yourself,” said Ahangarzadeh.

On the other hand, Cochran’s expectations are for every student to learn the best as their ability and to be ready to leave eighth grade all respectful and responsible. She says that she knows many students and staff already, and she wants this year to be the best one yet.  Cochran worked at the district office as well; her responsibilities was writing grants to bring money to schools in SAUSD.

Wendy Rodriguez
Filling in on an interim basis, Dr. Marjorie Cochran is MacArthur’s new assistant principal. Cochran continues to work on grant writing for the district.

Previously, Cochran worked as principal at Davis Elementary School and assistant principal at Diamond Elementary school.  She was interested in coming to MacArthur because it has so many programs in which students can join to be involved with the school.  Also, Cochran helped with MacArthur’s Gold Ribbon application last year.

Along her journey Cochran was supported by her grandmother, grandfather who made sure she excelled at school every day. She is also a grant writer and helps SAUSD schools apply for funds.  Cochran’s favorite subject in school was language arts because she loved to read. Every day she would read extensively.  Her plans for MacArthur to improve are to do everything she can, and she wants the students to feel safe every day, be academic at school too.

“With hard work and focus, we can make our dreams a reality,” said Cochran.