Students need to pick up the pace in the hallways

The walkway between rooms 16 and 17 can move much quicker, if everyone is on the same page.

The worst part about being a MacArthur student is the hallways. They are small, and it is hard to get through. At times, students walk so slow and that causes traffic, which can be frustrating.

The hallway that has most traffic and causes most problems is between room 16 and 17. During passing period, it is hard to get through because students are walking both directions.  Any student can go through, but almost always one side is bigger than the other and filled with students who are walking slow, pushing or shoving, rushing to get to class.

Also, it seems that some students are walking without purpose.  By now all students should know the school, so we should all know exactly where we are going during passing period.  Another concern is that the taller kids may not see the shorter ones, and they push them with their heavy or hard backpack, which can cause injury.

More reasons why there are problems in the hallway is because some students stop to wait for a friend.  Like mooove!!  The hallways should not stop for your social life.

Too often, students are not aware of their surroundings, specifically the other people close by.  For example, recently I was walking to my locker, which is in between rooms 19 and 20.  There was a kid who walked in front of me, and he was not looking up.  He did not stop, but I thought he was going to turn.  Then, he walked straight into me, hitting his head on my nose!  Ouch! 

Another thing that needs to be solved is in between rooms 17-19 the teachers make the students wait against the far wall of the hallway.  This does make it easier to get by.   However, for the last minute or so before the bell rings, the teachers ask the kids to come into the classroom.  They all rush into the door, and the entire hallway is quite difficult to get through.  We bump into each other because of the cross traffic.

In my opinion to make this better, the students should not talk to their friends or wait up on them, should look ahead, walk fast to class, and walk in the correct aisle.