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Boardriders have a successful sale of Active socks

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Longtime club Boardriders Anonymous earned $250 through their lunchtime sale of Active Socks. Socks were on sale to students at lunch for a price of $7 a pair, and were sold during the second half of October. Because of this successful sale, professional skaters from the Active brand will visit campus for demonstration.

The Active socks were sold during lunch.  The proceeds will go towards the club activities.  For example, Boardriders Anonymous buy sweatshirts, t-shirts, and new skateboards for the students to use.

Adviser Mr. Patrick Evans has been running the club for more than 20 years.  He chose to be an adviser for this club because he enjoys skating.  “Friends don’t let friends roller blade,” said Evans.

Meetings are held Thursday at lunch in the fitness room.  A typical meeting hosts 20-50 students.  Students usually practice tricks on boards, which have their wheels replaced with wooden blocks so it is safer for students to practice.

ASB Adviser Mrs. Denise Vicario continues to coordinate all clubs, including Boardriders.  She helps by calendering the events and approving any paperwork.  Vicario supports Boardriders, thinking that it is a positive outlet for kids who are not really interested in sports or are athletics.

The club president is eighth-grader Misael Vargas.  He decided to join the Boardriders club because he enjoys skating and is good at it.  He supports the club by showing his best and always being there every Thursday at lunch. Misael’s favorite part of the club is all the cool tricks everyone does.  “I enjoy skating because I am good at it,” Misael said.

Eighth-grader Francisco Woods is also a member of the club. He enjoys going to the meetings every Thursday at lunch.  Francisco said, “I feel free when I go and skate, and each time I improve on my tricks.”  Many students go to the Boardriders club on Thursday at lunch to improve their tricks and teach their friends new tricks they have learned.

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Boardriders have a successful sale of Active socks