MacArthur celebrates Veteran’s Day with an assembly

The annual assembly held choir and band performances, NJROTC presentations, and student speeches.

On November 9, 2017 the Veteran’s Day Assembly was held at the quad after second period. The purpose of the Veterans Day Assembly was to pay honor to veterans that risked their lives for our freedom.  Veteran’s Day is a national holiday, celebrated in every state.

To begin the assembly, NJROTC members and Chief Matthew Christianson from Saddleback High School in Santa Ana performed for the entire school.  After that Zacharie Sanchez, ASB president, led the school in the pledge of allegiance.

Also, advanced orchestra played “A Soldier’s Hymn”, by Newbold, which was conducted by Band Teacher Dr. Althea HoldCroft.   The choir sung “My America” in honor of the veterans.  

Following the choir performance, two sixth-graders Andrew Alonso and Isabella Palacio recited a speech about the historical significance of Veteran’s Day.

Andrew said, “Don’t let nervousness get to you,” regarding speaking in front of the entire campus.  

Social studies Teacher Mr. David Chee then inaugurated eighth-grader Han Hoang New president of the United States of MacArthur.  Each year, the eighth-grade history teachers run a model congress project to inform students about the structure of the Federal government.  Han, as president, will have the option to “sign” some of the legislation passed by the classes acting as congress.  

This year the assembly was different. There was not a guest veteran at the assembly.  Previously, former history teacher Mr. Ralph Hulett, or current history teacher Mr. Ray Gonzales had spoken as veterans.  

Principal Mr. David Casper organized the  the assembly with the help of Social Studies Teacher Mr John De Gree.  The assembly was about approximately 30 minutes long.

Isabella Palacio, who was coached for her speech by De Gree, said it was a “great honor to give a speech on the Veteran’s Day Assembly.”

“It is important to pay honor and respect to the veterans that served,” said Casper.  Veteran’s Day is commemorated on November 11 to remember the end of World War 1.  An armistice was signed on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month to put an official end to the war.

According to Casper, the students are to learn to pay respect and to thank a veteran for their sacrifice to protect all U.S. citizens.  Casper said,  “We have a day to honor and respect our veterans, and the Veteran’s Day Assembly gets students to understand the day’s significance.”