Winter Dance raises over $2500 for Puerto Rico trip

Even without snow in the quad, the Winter Dance successfully raised money for the American Heritage Club.

On December 15, 2017 the American Heritage Club hosted the Winter Dance, which was attended by over 250 MacArthur students and raised over $2500.  The theme this year was Winter Wonderland, and students who wore an ugly sweater were the first allowed in.  The dance started at 2:45 PM and ended at 4:30. 

Besides the normal dance activities of the D.J. and snack bar, the Winter Dance had carnival games, similar to the Halloween Dance.  Students bought tickets to participate in the games, and in the end of the dance, the American Heritage Club raffled a gift card worth $75.  

For the previous six years, the Winter Dance had also included snow in the quad.  According to American Heritage Club Adviser Mr. Ray Gonzales, unfortunately, there was not enough money for snow this year.  He also mentioned that the club has to work more on the games for next year’s Winter Dance.

“It was a great experience of mine to come to winter dance and be part of this amazing club, however I think the club should be more focused on the games for next year,” said American Heritage Club member Alexia Hernandez, eighth grader.

The cost for dance tickets was $5 Monday through Thursday and $7 on Friday, the day of the dance. When purchasing tickets for the dance, students with F’s were not allowed to go to the dance unless they completed an eligibility card with their teacher initials, indicating their grade was no longer failing.  This caused the line to go slower but was not different from the Halloween Dance.

According to Gonzales, the money will be used to help pay for students’ trip to Puerto Rico.  Dances are fundraisers and social activities that benefit all students.

“The Winter Dance was overall amazing but there are some changes that the club has to improve for next year, such as the snow.  The snow is what made the students buy the ticket and without it, we wouldn’t be able to make as much money as previous years,” said American Heritage Club member Kimberly Islas, eighth grader.

“Stay frosty, my friends,” said Gonzales.