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MacArthur students participate in the Science Fair

Building on the past four years of participation, Science Teacher Mrs. Valerie Armstrong coordinates MacArthur's science fair program.

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Last year, 50 projects were created for the annual Science Fair.  Once again, Science Teacher Mrs. Valerie Armstrong is looking to get students to participate in the scientific process by creating Science Fair projects.  Students will present their projects on February 2, after school until 4:30 PM.

The Science Fair functions as a club to help motivate students to create their projects.  Participants received support on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with Mr. Kevin Black who’s in Room 2, Armstrong in Room 21 and Mrs. Sue Gallagher in Room 3.

Planning for the Science Fair begins in September, continuing through January.  Its purpose is to encourage students to think of learning as a scientist, create projects, and answer their own questions.

Armstrong has coordinated the event for four years at MacArthur and had previous experience with the Science Fair at Villa Fundamental Intermediate.

“It was very inspiring to see kids enthusiasm and much they had learned to share with their classmates and it was just amazing,’’ said Armstrong.

Last year’s winners were Ethan Kassa and Julian Zarate, who both worked together as a team and created an experiment that investigated the melting rate of ice when applied with various chemicals.   Second place winners were Kalloni Chung and Jamie Dinh, who created homemade printer ink.

According to Armstrong, what made last year’s experience so enjoyable was seeing finished projects, seeing many students with enthusiasm for science, and participating in the county fair.  She also liked the student interaction with each other on scientific topics.  These types of inquiry can lead students to becoming engineers, doctors, and leaders of tomorrow’s scientific communities.

“If you love science and you love a challenge, then the science fair is for you’’ said Armstrong.

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MacArthur students participate in the Science Fair