75 Students participate in the Summer Enrichment

Students created a stop-motion films, read a novel, learned about health, and had physical activity.

On June 26 through July 20, students who were invited by Mr. Gregory Celestino, Mr. Patrick Evans, Mr. Peter Boyd, and Mr. Charles Manfre attended the summer enrichment program. According to Celestino, this is the fourth year doing this program. The district offered them and had to write a proposal, which got approved.  While at the program, students engaged in physical education, created a stop motion film, read a novel, and learned about their diets.

The program ran from 7:45-12:45.  Each day, about 75 students went to four rotations, and at the very end of the day they participated in a physical activity, such as capture the flag.

The program itself was split between enrichment and academic activities.  In Boyd’s rotation, students read a novel, Coraline by Neil Gaiman and answered an essay prompt.  In Manfre’s class, each day was different.  The topics we talked about was child obesity, diets, goal setting, and the importance of sleeping.  In Celestino’s class students created a stop motion film where students had to bring props and use a camera.  Finally in Evans class, students rock climbed, played archery, did a potato chip lab, and learned about the dangers of illegal drugs.  All these rotations taught students more reading and language practice, goal setting, following up on a plan, and learning how to use a camera.

“I really enjoyed coming to this program because now I know how to use a camera, and it helped me improve my reading skills.  All the teachers made me laugh and it was a great opportunity for me to attend this program. I really hope I can come back next year,” said sixth-grader Baldo Rodriguez.

While at the program students attended three field trips to universities including Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach, and University California Irvine.  When students were at field trips the teachers expected them to be respectful. 

Other than the trips, students had two movie days to watch Coraline and Lego Batman. Each day was a day to learn something new so all the teachers did hope that when the students left on July 20 they were going to start a new successful year.

“It was a great opportunity for me to come because it lets you interact with other people and it helped me experience my new school. Now I know many things I didn’t know before. It would be really cool if I come next year,”said sixth-grader Ruth Garcia

Overall, the teachers and the students had an enjoyable summer and they can’t wait for next year. They had a really fun time with the students.

On the first day of the program all the teachers reviewed some rules like no goofing around, no talking while another person is talking, and be respectful. They all expected that students come every day dressed appropriately and ready to learn something new.