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MacArthur students complete the Winter MAP test

For the second time this year, all students took the Measure for Annual Progress in both reading and math.

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The Santa Ana Unified School District and other districts took the MAP test for the second time this year in January.  MacArthur students took MAP tests in reading and math utilizing a block schedule, which had periods one, three, and five on January 11 and periods two, four, and six on January 12.  The main purpose for the measure for annual progress, MAP test, is to demonstrate if students are showing growth compared to their grade level peers in both math and language arts.

Every math and language arts classroom proctored the MAP.   As per testing norms, students remained silent while they focused on completing their own tests.

To show progress, students take the test three times: in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.  After the Fall test, each student is given an expected amount of growth.  On the Spring test, students will then find out if they hit their expected growth target.  The Winter test, then, checks progress for each student and allows teachers to adjust their plans accordingly.

When taking the test, the computer grades it as students answer questions.  So if someone were to get an answer incorrect, the next question would be slightly easier.  And if that same student  got the next question correct, the level of question will become slightly harder. The test is untimed, but most students are able to finish both sessions in the block period.

The length of the test ranges between 40-44 questions for ELA, and is about 50 questions for math, depending how students do.

Testing Coordinator Mr. Scott Whisner said, “The purpose is to make sure where students are at in math and reading for their grade level.”

If students missed a testing day, they were called out of class the following week to make up the test.  The same procedure was used for those who did not finish their exam.

When student seventh-grader Jesus Velez was asked if he thought MAP testing was important, he said, “Yes, because it will help me in the future.”

Janessa Pena, seventh grader, had a different opinion.  Jenessa said, “I think it is not important because one test shouldn’t determine my placement.”  Jenessa’s answer touched on the fact that teachers, counselors, and administrators often use MAP scores to place students into the appropriate level of class: strategic, benchmark, or honors.  

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MacArthur students complete the Winter MAP test