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In their first year, boys volleyball goes 1-2

The boys volleyball team opened their debut season with a 1-2 record at the S.A.U.S.D. tournament on January 27.

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Boys Volleyball became a new indoor sport, beginning on December 4 ending on January 27.  Computer Technician Jesus Lozano and Social Studies Teacher Ron Cheser coached the boys to a 1-2 record at the Santa Ana Unified School District Tournament at Valley High School.

Lozano used to play volleyball and enjoys the sport.  He figured that it would be a good sport to coach here at MacArthur.

There were 30 boys who started trying out at the beginning.  By the tournament, 13 athletes made the team.

The practices occured from Monday through Friday except Wednesday, after school, from 2:30 to 4:00.  During their practices, the boys worked on serving, passing, and spiking the ball, as well as conditioning.  

This year the boys volleyball had a tournament and played against other intermediate schools. The tournament was located at Valley High School.  The boys volleyball team went 1-2 this year.  Against Carr boys lost straight sets 20-25 and 23-25. Against Mendez they lost again, 20-25 and 22-25.  They defeated Henniger, 25-12 and 25-23 to close out the day.

MacArthur boys volleyball played form 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Lozano likes watching the boys improve.  “To play any sport like volleyball, desire is a key to win,” said Lozano. This shows how the boys grow from different perspectives.

The difference between coaching boys volleyball and other sports that he has coached throughout the year is that boys volleyball requires a lot of technique and attention to be able to play this sport.

According to Lozano, volleyball is a difficult sport to play and natural skill is needed.

Deny Vega, eighth grader, tried out for boys volleyball and made the team.  He likes playing volleyball because there is a lot of teamwork involved and he can hit a ball. “I figured that I can make an impact on the team,” said Deny.

This made him try out for the boys volleyball team. Deny’s friend encouraged him to keep playing and doing what he enjoys.  Deny learned that teamwork is important when in a sport that has to interact with teammates.

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In their first year, boys volleyball goes 1-2