Code Academy teaches students valuable career skills

The technology enrichment activity, Code Academy, is hosted by Science Teacher Mrs. Valerie Armstrong for four Saturdays in the second semester.

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Science Teacher Mrs. Valerie Armstrong started Code Academy, which occurs on campus Saturday mornings from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM to teach students how to code using Code.Org course system.

Coding is the act of an individual or group of people typing up a strand of code like DNA. The Code responds and reacts to certain actions by 1’s and 0’s that create a pattern of Yes & No to make the algorithm of code work.

According to Armstrong, in today’s society more and more jobs are require use of technology.  Learning how to code will help young students be prepared for the new world of the future.  Armstrong said, “Coding prepares students for the jobs and the world of the future.”

At the academy, the daily routine routine consists of the group meeting at the Lunch Tables by the front of the school.  The group does on “un-plugged” activity, which helps connect coding to the real life world without modern technology.  The group then proceeds to go into class and work on their courses, which helps them go through coding using blocks.  Blocks: Coding transformed into simple blocks that click into one another that, when activated, do their assigned duty.  Basically, students try to set up a series of algorithms to program the Blocks to complete actions.

Students who have participated are enjoying the enrichment activity.  Seventh-grader Grader Jared Leo Cadilo said, “Yes, very much so.  I’ve always liked technology.”  It appears Code Academy was a success as almost all spots have been taken up.

Currently 20 students have enrolled and attended regularly.  The entire Code Academy is a four day program occurring on Saturdays.  Multiple students have like Code Academy and wish to return.  The program will end soon but Armstrong said, “I will be hosting it next year.”  So for any seventh or sixth graders who did not sign up this year, it appears to be returning next.

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