All students attend assembly on transcripts

Towards the end of the first semester, Counselors Ms. Christine Silva and Mrs. Laurie Tristan explained the importance of transcripts, G.P.A., and academic performance to all MacArthur students.

Counselors Ms. Christine Silva and Mrs. Laurie Tristan organized a Classroom Guidance Lesson assembly during social studies classes towards the end of the first semester.  Each grade had a different topic and date for the assembly.  On November 21, the sixth grade assembly was about academic success  Seventh graders had their assembly about connecting grades to the future on November 29, and the eighth grader’s assembly was titled “Moving on to High School” and occured on December 1.

Tristan and Silva taught sixth graders about transcripts, a document that records a student’s academic record.  The counselors gave students tips on how to be a successful student, coming to school prepared and on time, using agenda for every class every day, paying attention in class, and attending tutoring if earning a D or F.

The seventh grade assembly expanded beyond just the transcript.  They talked about grades, high school A-G requirements, and learning styles.

Eighth grade students learned coping skills during their assembly, which is an important skill set as they transition from intermediate to high school.  The counselors discussed making positive choices and building a toolkit.  Eighth grade students were also reminded that High School Registration begins in January and High School counselors were reviewing the transcripts of eighth grade students.

“Over an entire year, students will get an academic and coping skills assembly, depending on their age group,” said Silva.

Tristan and Silva held different assemblies for each grade because they care about student success and wanted to teach students to equip themselves with tools for success.  

Transcripts were an important focus for all grades because they affect student opportunities for classes, college admission, and eventually career choices.  Students received their class rank, sorted by their Grade Point Average, G.P.A.

Students can improve their grades by studying for tests, going to tutoring, participating in class, and asking questions.  Tristan and Silva hoped students learned from the assembly to use their tools to succeed and prepare for the future.

Seventh-grader Julia Ariston said, “This assembly helped me to focus more in my classes.”