Lunchtime assembly warns students about drug and alcohol abuse

Raising awareness for National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, Counselors Mrs. Laurie Tristan and Ms. Christine Silva coordinate a lunchtime assembly for students.

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Counselors Mrs. Laurie Tristan and Ms. Cristine Silva held an assembly on Thursday, January 25 at lunch in the P.A.R. for awareness about National Drug and Alcohol Facts week.

“In the future, for future lunch assemblies, we hope all students would like to attend these awesome events,” said Silva.

Seventh-grader Roya Kingston attended the assembly.  Roya said, “This has made an big impact on my life and my point of view towards drugs and alcohol.” Roya’s favorite part of this assembly was making her “My future matters” and posting it on the poster in the front of the school.

“Having an after-school activity about anti drugs and alcohol for the after school program would be great so that every student in the after school program would receive knowledge about facts and myths about drugs and alcohol,” said Roya.

About 200 students attended this assembly.  The activities that were held included hands-on crafts, such as origami.   These activities give students some examples on what they could do instead of substance abuse.  Besides the crafts, there was also an activity describing the consequences, and possible health risks of drug abuse.

National drug and alcohol facts week was started in 2010.  According to,  “(NDAFW) links students with scientists and other experts to counteract the myths about drugs and alcohol that teens get from the internet, social media, TV, movies, music, or from friends.  It was launched to stimulate educational events in communities so teens can learn what science has taught us about drugs use and addiction.”

Another seventh grader, Andrea Rivera, also attended the assembly.  Andrea said, “The national drug and alcohol facts assembly was very fun with lots of hand on activities you could learn from.”

Andrea’s one request was, “maybe for the next assembly that will be coming up it could be held at nutrition and lunch so that more students could go and interact with the amazing activities.”

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