MacArthur students contribute to the Nation’s Report Card by participating in the N.A.E.P.

About seventy-five MacArthur eighth graders were selected to participate in the N.A.E.P. exam.

On January 31, 2018, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, N.A.E.P., test was held in the P.A.R. during two sessions, at 8:00 and 10:00AM.  Only a small sample of eighth graders took the test.  

The tests were administered both on tablets/computers and on paper.  The N.A.E.P. is different from the state assessments because it will represent students across the country, not just in California.

According to Testing Coordinator Mr. Scott Whisner, there will be three different tests on Geography, Civics, and U.S. History.  The students can either take U.S. history, civics, or geography, but it depends on what they were selected for.  Each test took about two hours to complete.

Also, MacArthur was not the only school to participate.  Schools from across the Santa Ana Unified School District and the country took part.  The students results will be included in the Nation’s Report Card.  However, the reportings will be anonymous, so those who participated will not know how they fared.  

If students were chosen to take the test, they represented thousands of students as part of the Santa Ana community.  Those who were chosen for recieved a Certificate of Community Service, which they can use for credit as part of the high school community service requirement.

Students were not required to complete the assessment, and may have skipped any question.  About 75 students were selected from MacArthur this year.