Girls soccer competes on Saturday, March 17

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The girls soccer team will put in all their effort to win in this year’s tournament on March 17 at Greenville Fundamental Elementary School.  “I hope we make it out of our pool, meet Mendez in the finals and get our sweet revenge,” said P.E. Teacher Mr. Patrick Evans.

Repeating this year,  Evans coaches the girls soccer team.  Evans has coached girls soccer for about 18 years now, since 2000.  He likes coaching the girls soccer because they are nice and easy to coach.

The girls soccer practices occur right after school from 2:30 from 4:00 in the afternoon.  The girls put in the effort four days a week, from Monday through Friday, except Wednesday.

During soccer practice the girls practice their warm ups, scrimmage, and have Friday fun days. Their warm ups include setting up the soccer nets and playing soccer to get better every time. Scrimmage also includes dividing the team into two groups and having them compete in a game-like scenario.  Evans throws the ball and says a number, according to the number the coach says that’s how many girls sprint around the nets and try to score.  

This year, there were 45 girls who tried out, but Evans only kept 15 girls to be on the team.  The difference between this year’s and last year’s girls soccer is that there are more seventh and sixth graders this year that tried out, and the team is younger as a result.

One of this year’s members, eighth-grader Kaylee Ibarra, has succeeded in soccer because she focuses on the ball while playing and interacts with her teammates.  Soccer has impacted her life because she communicates with other people and and helps her not be shy.  Her favorite part of soccer practices are when they do scrimmage and fun Fridays. “Communication is key when playing soccer,” said Kaylee.

Seventh-grader Delaney Novoa is on the soccer team.  Delaney plays center-mid as her position in soccer.  She enjoys soccer practice because they collaborate as a team and the Fun Fridays.  Soccer has impacted her life because she is faster and meets new people in her team.  “Playing soccer has made me a faster person, I will always play soccer,” said Delany.

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