Cross country runs to a first place finish

Forty-eight of MacArthur's fastest students outran the other intermediate schools in Santa Ana at the district meet.

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On September 26, from 3:00 to 5:00 PM, MacArthur’s cross country team competed in a district meet at Thornton Park. MacArthur placed first overall, with what Coach Mr. Patrick Evans calls an “awesome performance” of 18 medals.

Math Teacher Mr. Jim Axton, Mrs. Veronica Covarrubias, and Evans all pitched in to coach the cross country team.  Axton led the group of students on outruns, pedaling ahead of the pack on bicycle.  Evans and Covarrubias were the coaches that handled the running.

The students who made the cross team proved their merit by completing the runs with fast times.  Each grade level had to race five separate times.  Students in sixth grade had to run one mile, students in seventh grade had to run a mile and half, and students in eighth grade had to run two miles.

Each individual student’s top three times were averaged out, and the top seven to ten students of each grade and gender earned a place in the team.  Ninety students tried out for the cross team, and 48 moved on to make the team.

“I think it’s really cool,” Evans said, “because some schools have to beg people to join their teams, and we have so many people trying out that we have to cut some.”

According to several members of the team, the cross country season was a success.

“My favorite part of cross country was being able to help the other people on my team and for them to help me.  Basically, we were able to support each other,” said seventh-grader Linda-Isabella Rendon.

Evans confirmed that he enjoyed coaching the cross team.  He’s been coaching the team for over 20 years now, and he never ceases to enjoy the kids’ enthusiasm and dedication.

“I think we get the best kids there are,” said Evans. “Runners are a very dedicated group of people. Everyone who was out there wanted to get better, and I like that.”

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