Girls Volleyball goes 2-2, places fourth overall

Winning two matches and losing two, the MacArthur girls volleyball team placed fourth at the tournament on October 6.

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The girls volleyball team competed at the Santa Ana Unified School District intermediate school tournament game on October 6 in Valley High School, coming in fourth place overall.  

The 18 girl team practiced six weeks to prepare for the tournament.  Practices started on August 27. The practices were held on Monday through Friday, except on Wednesday.      

P.E. Teacher Mr. Tim Fredricksen and Social Studies Teacher Mr. Ron Cheser were the volleyball coaches for the team.  Unfortunately, Cheser could not complete the season because he had to have an emergency heart surgery. This is the first year that Fredricksen coached the MacArthur Volleyball team.

“At first, it was hard for the girls to pass and serve.  During those six weeks, the girls improved a lot,” said Fredericksen.

For warm-ups, Fredricksen made the team practice their serving, passing, footwork, and spiking.   Fredrickson emphasized that the girls practice the basics of volleyball.

Fredrickson said he appreciated “the team’s chemistry, how they worked together!”  He liked how the team supported each other when they needed help, and how they could easily communicate together.

Seventh-grader Mia Lacy said, “I think most of us work well together and have good communication.”

Some athletes joined because they enjoy competing for the MacArthur team, or their friends encouraged them to join.  Eighth-grader Abigail Carrazco said, “I joined because I like it (volleyball), and people told me to.”

When the team was about to play, Fredrickson said he “felt the team was confident.”

On the day of competition, the team won against Heninger K-8, two sets to none, and Mendez Fundamental, two sets to none.  MacArthur lost to Spurgeon and Santiago.

When the tournament was done Fredrickson said, “I was very pleased with their work.”

Last year, the MacArthur Volleyball team won second place.

When the team got fourth place overall.  Abigail said, “I’m proud because we put a lot of effort and they did great during the tournament.”

Eighth-grader, Karla Islas said, “Yea, it wasn’t a good score but, to me, they worked hard.”  

When the games ended Fredrickson said, “the team was a hard-working team.”

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