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Principal Casper promoted to Segerstrom High School and leaves MacArthur

After being MacArthur's principal for six years, Mr. David Casper leaves the school for Segerstrom

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Friday, October 5 was Principal Mr. David Casper’s last day at MacArthur because he was promoted to principal at Segerstrom High School.  Casper was the longest-running principal at MacArthur, having led the school for over six full years.

According to Casper, the pros of moving to be a principal at a high school are new experiences, a new adventure, and facing a challenge. Though the cons are that he has to learn new A-G credits, how to run graduations, and he has to learn a huge system again.  Casper had previously worked at Segerstrom as an assistant principal and activities director.

Casper is most excited about becoming the principal at Segerstrom knowing that he will be seeing former students who attended MacArthur.  Casper is excited to take his love for students and education to create a positive environment for Segerstrom.  Although, Casper will be missing all of the smiles placed on student’s faces and the love students give.  “The students are amazing,” said Casper.

“The little things that he did like giving high fives every day will forever be my favorite memory,” said eighth-grader Natalie Chavez.

When Segerstrom High School first opened in 2005, Casper was Principal Lyn Maher’s first hire.  Now, he will return to the campus as its leader.

Casper’s most proud moment here at MacArthur was when the school received the Gold Ribbon award in 2016. This positive, engaged culture impacted the decision of whether or not MacArthur should be a Gold Ribbon school.

Casper went through the interviewing process with the staff at Segerstrom and the SAUSD cabinet.  During the interview, Casper answered questions about his qualifications and experience. He provided his vision for Segerstrom and the importance of education.

“I always imagined Mr. Casper handing me my eighth-grade awards at promotion.  He was an awesome principal and I was hoping that i would spend my eighth-grade year with my favorite principal,” said Natalie.

As a final message, Casper said, “I want you to be the best that you can be and continuously love yourself and each other.  If you ever need me, I am very close by; come see me anytime.”

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Principal Casper promoted to Segerstrom High School and leaves MacArthur