Pentathlon begins practicing for the 2019 competition

Comprised of seventh and eighth graders, the MacArthur Pentathlon team will compete against other schools on March 16.

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On Tuesday, October 23, at 2:30 after school, the first meeting of MacArthur’s Pentathlon team commenced.  Counselor Ms. Christine Silva previously held a meeting about the general idea of Pentathlon, but this was the first official gathering of the pupils who decided they wanted to try it out.

Pentathlon is an academic competition in which students are given five months to study an assigned topic.  This year’s subject is “The 1960’s, A Recreational Period.” Students meet up every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 – 3:30 after school to discuss what they have to learn, and have small study sessions.

The official team will be made up of 18 students.  There will be nine eighth graders and nine seventh graders.  Grades are not a limit with Pentathlon, as students from all GPA levels are welcome.  Three students from each GPA category, A’s, B’s, C’s and below, will be selected from their individual grade level.

Before the ultimate tournament, a Saturday Scrimmage will be held.  It acts as a sort of practice for the members of Pentathlon, and it helps decide the official members if it is still necessary.  The students with the best scores at the scrimmage will have a better chance of making the team. The final competition will be held on March 16, 2019, at Westminster High School.  

The MacArthur Pentathlon team has had success in their competitions.  Last year, eighth-grader Roselinh Crowe earned a medal in every category.  Other team members also earned medals. MacArthur’s Pentathlon team has had success, overall, even moving up divisions.

Students have a variety of reasons to join Pentathlon; the experience, academics, interest, free time, or simply fun.

“I feel like it will be fun,” said seventh-grader Jeanine Khuc. “It’ll give me a learning experience in many subjects and allow me to spend time with friends, and make new friends.”

“If you want to earn medals and be part of a team, you should join Pentathlon,” said Silva.

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