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Spanish students visit the Museum of Latin American Art

Continuing the Fall tradition, eighth-grade Spanish students visited the Museum of Latin American Art to learn about Dio De Los Muertos.

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Spanish Teacher Mrs. Denise Vicario’s eighth-grade Spanish classes visited the Museum of Latin American Art, MOLAA, on Friday, November 2, to see the Dia De Los Muertos exhibit. With the money they raised for the Halloween Dance, there was no cost for the students.

The Spanish classes went on this field trip for several years now.  This year, part of the exhibit included a display on tattoos. Vicario said, “We go yearly for the Dia De Los Muertos exhibit.”

According to, it states, “The art and altars are displayed to the public from September 26 through November 11, 2018.” The display includes art from “ …The US Navy, LA Chicano culture and tattoo art.”

They had five chaperones to help with this field trip.  “We had Mrs. Thahab and four mothers,” said Vicario. “We returned before 2:00 PM, but the years before we got back after 2:00 PM.”

“I learned why the sailors got their tattoos,” said Priscilla VanBuskirk.  “We walked around and took a tour, we saw the paintings, and we did a scavenger hunt.  My favorite part was looking at the different paintings that were created by the artists.”   

“My favorite part was the exhibit about the tattoos of the sailors,” said eighth-grader Arleen Rivas. “I learned that the Dio De Los Muertos altar has three different levels and each means different things.”

The students and Vicario were at the exhibit for three hours but were gone all day of school.  It took the buses approximately 40 minutes to get to the museum from the MacArthur campus.

Kaitlyn Castillo, eighth grade, said that her favorite part was “the 3D paintings.”  Kaitlyn also said that she learned was “how the sailors lived.”

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Spanish students visit the Museum of Latin American Art