The dance team forms and begins practicing

Expanding on last year's club, the MacArthur Dance Team will be a year-long activity and will perform and several school events.

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The MacArthur dance team has officially started this year.  They were put together during dance meetings at lunch, and everyone was welcome to join.  They practice three out of the five school days a week. The dance team practices, so they can be prepared to compete or perform later in the year.

The MacArthur dance team will be performing on November 15 at the first awards assembly and later in the year at the annual MacFactor event.  There will be a few duets and solos performed during MacFactor and other competitions as well. Every dance member will have an opportunity to dance in one or more routine.

Seventh-grader Paulina Guerrero, who is a dance team member, said, “It is a fun way to express yourself and have fun but also work on improving your dancing.”

Dance Team Coach Mr. Tim Fredrickson started the dance team because it was an idea from some of his students.  He held meetings last year during lunch, and many more students decided to join. Last years dance team’s practices started in January. This year, the dance team started earlier and will be a year-long club.

Forty students comprise the team this year.  Fredrickson said that there was much improvement from last year’s dance team compared to this years. “There was much more motivation and a great mix of every grade level this year,” said Fredrickson.

The team will not have formal uniforms, but there will be planned outfits for performances and competitions.

Seventh grade, dance team member, Trina Tran said, “Dance is like a second family. It is a very safe and fun environment with an amazing group of people.”

The MacArthur dance team has a history of performing.  Last year, at MacFactor and the final awards assembly of the year, the dance team danced to four songs in 3-4 different groups. Another event the dance team has participated in was “Party in the Park,” which was a park competition against other groups, for the public.

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