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Three simple steps to keeping your binder organized

Don't let a disorganized binder keep you from a successful school year.

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Students, why is it so hard to organize?  Of course, it’s enforced, basically every day.  But for some reason, it’s just so hard for some of us.  Take it from me; I know how it feels.  Sometimes we need a guide, and now, you got one.  Here is a simple, three-step, how-to on how to stay organized with your agenda and binder.

  • Only Write School-Related Things In The Agenda: It seems small, but there actually is an upside to doing this, weirdly.  If you only write school-related information in your agenda, it can differentiate your school life from your personal life, blocking out any distractions that may come your way.  Little tip: When doing your homework, cross out your finished assignments.  It just feels good.  The student handbook says writing in blue or black pen, which is a little weird at first glance, but is helpful in case you try and erase anything in there.  But that doesn’t mean ripping out stuff instead!  Just make sure to settle the school and personal differences to really get focused.  Save the goofing around for lunch!
  • No Papers Inside the Pockets: It’s super tempting to stuff random papers in the pockets of your binder because it’s right there… but don’t give in!  Putting stuff in the pockets of your binder would not be beneficial in the slightest because it could cause too much clutter.  Not to mention what would happen if you ever dropped it.  If your binder is that much of a state of where it is incapable of running anymore, get a new one.  Target and Staples are two good places to go.  Even buy an extra in August when your first shopping for your supplies.  If it is salvageable, however, clean it out regularly, like once a month or at least once a semester.  Never hurts to clean!  For those of you who just can’t help yourself, another tip is to cut out the pocket when you first get your binder to prevent the whole mess from happening.
  • Keep That Agenda In Your Binder!: It’s a simple one, but it is very helpful.  Keeping that agenda in your binder is crucial to having an organized experience at school and an organized life in general.  Think about it; if you have the agenda in one place at all times it’s not going to be that much of a hassle to look and find it there.  Also, keeping items in the front of the binder is helpful.  Again, it helps differentiate the school side and the personal side of your life.  One last tip; if it doesn’t fit in your backpack, clean up!   Even clean the backpack itself, for crying out loud!

All and all, it is crucial and essential to keep your binder and agenda neat, neat, neat!  And the most surprising part? it’s very simple to do.  I’ll say it again; do not alter the agenda, no papers inside those pockets, and keep that agenda in your binder! Well, I hope this how-to helped you be neat, and be you.

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Three simple steps to keeping your binder organized