Twitch is a great platform for gamers and their fans

Try using Twitch to earn money for just playing video games!

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Have you downloaded the app Twitch?  If not, these are all the reasons why I think you should download it.  Twitch is a website where you can see players live stream and watch them play video games. If you download this app, you are able to make your own live stream by creating an account for free and going live.

First of all, I think you should download the app Twitch because you are able to create your own live stream by broadcasting to people and hope they enjoy your stream.  Once you go live, when people start watching the stream, you can get paid to play certain games.  For example, if you regularly have 10,000 people tune into your stream when you go live, a gaming company may offer you 25 cents per live viewer, or even $1 per viewer.  Quickly, 10,000 viewers could turn into thousands of dollars an hour.

If users start to like your stream, they also have the option to donate bits, which is the Twitch currency.  If you were to get 100 bits, that would add up to $1.40. The rates change with the more bits that you acquire.  This is another method, aside from sponsorships, how Twitch users can actually earn money.

Secondly, I think a great feature in Twitch is that you are able to make a free account, and there is no age limit.  Also, it is very convenient for Twitch streamers to be able to start without having to pay for an account because it gives people without a budget a chance to start.

If you want to live stream, you might need some equipment.  In my opinion, I would buy a camera, background, and some lights and a monitor.  Buying the equipment slowly, one piece at a time might give users a chance to earn money while improving the quality of the stream.  Since there are no subscription fees or age limits, there is nothing to stop someone who is interested in getting started with Twitch.

Similar to YouTube and Instagram, there are already some celebrities created by the Twitch platform.  One famous streamer is Ninja. One game that Ninja plays is a game called Fortnite. Fortnite has become increasingly popular, and part of the reason for the game’s quick rise is Twitch.  People can watch and witness the best gamers all over the world and see their best moments playing live, as it happens.

In conclusion, I think you should get Twitch because you can use it to stream your own games, and you can always watch your favorite gamers for entertainment.  If you have not tried Twitch, get on it today!

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