Jog-a-thon raises over $10,000

Over 700 students participated in the annual jog-a-thon, which raises money for the P.E. department.

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The annual jog-a-thon took place on Wednesday, March 13 in the field for all participating MacArthur P.E. students.  Over 700 students donated $10,224 and participated in the jog-a-thon obstacle course instead of the traditional P.E. activities.  The jog-a-thon raises money for the P.E. department’s equipment.

Paulina Guerrero, seventh grade, said, “My favorite obstacle at the jog-a-thon was the hurdles because they were fun and a great challenge to do with my friends.”

The activities at the jog-a-thon were the hula-hoops, hurdles, mats, and more.  There was a trail on the field that led students through each obstacle. There was music played the whole period.  If students didn’t participate in the jog-a-thon, they would do a fitness activity in the bowl with P.E. Teacher Mr. Charlie Manfre.  The fitness activity in the bowl was to jog and run around the bowl.

The students who donated money received rewards based on how much they donated. If students donated $10, they received a mile pass, $20 earned students a mile and a half pass, and $30 was a fitness pass, good for excluding a student from any fitness activity for a day.  If students donated $50, they received an invitation to a pizza party, fitness pass, and a star on their P.E. shirt.  When students receive five stars, they are rewarded with a General Shirt.

P.E. Teacher Mr. Patrick Evans said, “I appreciate everyone that participated in the jog-a-thon to help our P.E. department.”  Many students donated out of each of his classes, but his sixth period turned in the most money.  Evan’s classes donated $2,821 overall, with his sixth period giving over $800 of that total.  

The jog-a-thon has been an event since the eighties and has still been an activity that the P.E. department participated in each year. The jog-a-thon makes an impact on the P.E. department by donating money towards the equipment used by students.

“I participated in the jog-a-thon because it was a fun event last year and I wanted to do it again. I was also looking forward to doing the obstacles they had last year,” said seventh-grader Trina Tran.

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