Seventh-grade students compete in competitions leading up to History Faire

During the weeks leading to History Faire, there are four large, grade-level competitions among the kingdoms.

The History Faire competitions are a set of events that occur before the History Faire at MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School.  The History Faire competitions help students learn about medieval times.  The competitions include the Joust, Shakespeare Showdown, Geography Bee, and the Debate for the Ages.

In total before the History Faire, there are four competitions. Students compete as kingdoms.  First place receives three hundred lucre, second place gets two hundred lucre, and third place gets one hundred lucre.  Lucre is the currency the school uses to reward students during the month before, and during, History Faire.

According to seventh-grade Social Studies Teacher Mrs. Tammy Manske, the seventh graders learn about medieval history at the competitions.  All the competitions are held at lunch.  Usually, a single teacher plans and prepares the competition before the History Faire.  For example, Mr. John Degree hosted the Joust and the Debate for the Ages, Mrs. Ranithi Garcia hosted the Shakespeare Showdown, and Ms. Clement, who is Mr. David Chee’s student teacher, hosted the Geography Competition.

Roni Medina, seventh grade, said, “I went to cheer my team on.  It was very competitive and very close scores.” Roni had attended the Shakespeare Showdown.

“I and my kingdom, Aragon, tried our hardest to try to win one of the big events before the History Faire,” said Alberto Vargas, seventh grade.

To prepare for the competitions, students attend a meeting to receive the information about what the competition is, the rules, how to prepare, etc.  Kingdoms usually have about one to two weeks to study and prepare for each competition.

Sixth graders can look forward to attending one of the four History Faire competitions because it is a competitive way to learn and get ready for the day of the History Faire.