RBI Softball looks to repeat and undefeated season

The girls' softball team began the season with a 15-0 victory over Sierra.

The MacArthur RBI softball season began with a win in their first game, 15-0 over Sierra Preparatory Academy.  Last year, the team went undefeated and hope to continue the success this year.

The new coach for this year is Coach Judith, who leads the 20 girl team in daily practice.  The team competes on Saturdays at the Santa Ana Unified Sports complex.  Unlike the other intermediate after-school-sports, RBI softball and baseball have a season as opposed to the tournament structure.  

Coach Judith said that she pushes the girls to be a 10 out of 10 and always compete at their best.  Every Friday, they scrimmage against the boys’ baseball team to gauge their abilities.

At daily practice, Judith tries to instill the basics in all players.  “Sometimes I give them their time to do their own drills,” said Judith.  Judith has managers to help her assist the drills, and help carry equipment.

The most important team qualification is grades.  Having a failing grade will remove players from competing.

Julissa Sevilla, seventh grade, said, “I play every position on the field and try to help the new players with the basics of softball.”  

Eighth-grader Audrey Vasquez works as a team manager.  “I help out setting up the drills and help carry the equipment.  Sometimes, I get into the drills to throw the balls to the players.”  Audrey also loves to have fun with the team.

Judith looks forward to guiding the team through another successful season.