Leon and Scotland win the History Faire

After weeks of preparation, the seventh-grade students celebrate their lessons in the annual History Faire.

On March 22, the entire seventh grade celebrated the annual History Faire.  A battle long prepared for among 11 different kingdoms dominated the entire campus with a range of activities.  For the realm of the mountains, Leon took a win, having been in the lead for the majority of the competition.  The realm of the sea featured a see-saw battle for first between Scotland and France.  Although there were multiple lead changes during the History Faire, in the end, Scotland left triumphant.

The kingdoms are actually sections of seventh-grade social studies classes.  Mrs. Tammy Manske’s fifth period was the kingdom of Leon, which won the benchmark-level competition.  While Ms. Sandi Palmer’s third period held the name of Scotland and won the honors division. 

Elijah Sandoval and Andrea Osuna were king and queen of Leon, leading their kingdom to victory.  For Scotland, King Cristhian Orozco and Queen Mia Lacy were the ones to lead the way to a victorious battle.

History Faire is an enjoyable event for many students and often ends up being the highlight of one’s seventh-grade year.  “My favorite part of History Faire was the tug-o-war because it uses your whole class and you get to go against other classes,” said seventh-grader Joseph Tran.

The seventh-grade social studies department had been preparing since late December to plan out this year’s History Faire.  Alongside them, other members of the staff and the seventh-grade students had been preparing for this event for at least two months.

Leading up to the History Faire, many workshops were held, providing multiple chances to earn lucre.  Some of these activities consisted of chain mail, kite making, chess, soap carving, and others.  Besides the workshops, there were larger competitions, worth a larger sum of lucre.  The Joust, Geography Bee, Shakespeare Showdown, and Debate competition were the grade-level competitions.

Seventh-grader Kylie Wong, representative of Scotland for the Joust, said, “Even though our kingdom didn’t win the Joust, we still won the overall History Faire, so the Joust was just a bump in the road for Scotland.”

On the topic of lucre, lucre was one of the biggest factors in the whole History Faire competition.  It set the whole basis of the competition and decided which kingdom would win.  At the end of History Faire, the kingdom with the most collected lucre, one kingdom from each realm, was selected as the final winning kingdom of the competition that had been prepared for months.

History Faire provides a unique experience for all the seventh graders at MacArthur.  The annual History Faire is supposed to give students a fun, enjoyable way to learn more about medieval times.  History Faire has been taking place at MacArthur for many years and will be expected to continue on for many more.