New P.E. unit, Beach Bodies, emphasizes fitness

New to grading period 5, Mr. Patrick Evans teaches a fitness based unit called Beach Bodies.

Mr. Patrick Evans has started a new P.E. unit called Beach Bodies, which is held in periods 2 through 6.  Unit days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Monday and Thursday are fitness days where students run the mile or complete other fitness-forward activities.  Beach Bodies started on February 25 and runs the duration of grading period 5.

“I started this unit to get more students excited about fitness and working out,” said Evans.

The purpose of the unit is to teach students about fitness and get them in shape for the Summer.  Hence, the name beach bodies. The Beach Bodies unit is held in the PAR or fitness room on unit days.

Students watch a fitness video before the unit starts to get them ready and prepared for the fitness in their unit.  The activities that the students perform during beach bodies is weights, cardio, and fitness. For each session, the students do a warm-up activity, complete an exercise activity, then do a cooldown activity.  

The weights portion of the unit involves dumbbells, weight bars, kettlebells, and weight sacks.  Students must complete different exercises with the weights. The cardio element consists of mountain climbers, jogging in place, and other cardio-based activities.

Evans has the students watch a workout video before they start the unit day.  Evans said, “The purpose of the workout video was to challenge you to do to do something that looks difficult to do.”  

The unit is based around staying fit and active.  Evans said, “I had many unit ideas I could have done but decided on beach bodies for Unit 5.”  

This unit is popular among students in each grade level.  Evans enjoys teaching the unit because he said, “I enjoy seeing the students super excited to workout.”