Burn the Stage lets BTS fans understand their challenges

The documentary gives fans a greater appreciation for the K-Pop group.

On November 15, 2018, a one hour and 25-minute documentary movie called Burn The Stage was released in theaters.  This documentary focuses on what goes on behind the screens and stage, specifically in the lives of an international K-Pop group BTS.  It shows the audience that being famous does not mean you get everything, it does not mean life is automatically easy for you.

The movie is about the pressure that is held over each individual member of the group. They are expected, by others, to do well in every performance and put an immense amount of pressure on themselves in an attempt to present the persona that their fans adore.

I believe that this film is unique and different from many others.  From personal experience, it gave me a different level of respect for not only BTS but all the musicians who perform.  This documentary made me realize how hard life is for artists, the amount of pressure they are put under, and how it must hurt when they work their hardest to do good but are degraded or compared to other artists or groups who are more successful.  It is a tremendous challenge to be constantly judged.  I think that this movie gives you a raw insight and helps you appreciate your favorite artists to the fullest.

The film displayed a scene wherein a member of BTS, Jungkook, was feeling faint at the beginning of the performance in Chile.  It was their last performance in the country, so he felt the need to put out his best performance possible, even if it meant working himself until he was under a severe amount of stress and passed out as soon as the group went backstage.

While the film did delve past many layers and present the audience with a raw production that brought tears of distress and sympathy to many audience members, it was also able to muster up tears of happiness from spectators.  The film contained many heartwarming clips that really let the audience see something that you do not always see in musicians today.

The film was able to deliver a message about the close relationships formed among the members of BTS.  People from all over the world have dreams about being a musician, but it takes countless hours of rehearsal and preparation before the first performance.  Everlasting bonds are formed, and the members of groups begin to depend upon each other.  The film revealed that this could be a weakness on each member’s part, but when you’ve been living and working your hardest to achieve your dreams with the same people for multiple years, you are bound to become a family.

The movie screenings were a huge success globally as more than 2,500 theaters around the world accounted for nearly $14 million in ticket sales.  Burn The Stage broke the record for the highest-grossing event cinema concert production with 1.4 million worldwide admissions. The record was previously held by One Direction: Where We Are, which totaled 1.2 million admissions

The movie was directed by Park Jun Soo and produced by Yoon Jiwon. It was available in theaters for four days in limited theaters. The movie was then taken out of theaters and uploaded to the channel “BANGTANTV” on YouTube Premium, where now people can now view it for a fee.