ASB hosts end-of-year spirit week

Tourist week had students traveling through their spirit attire.

Tourist week encourages school spirit during the second-to-last week of the school year, May 20 – May 24.  This themed week was organized by ASB and was a series of spirit and dress-up days as a celebratory end-of-the-year event for the students to enjoy. 

Mrs. Denise Vicario’s ASB students thought of this event and decided it would be a week dedicated to traveling since Summer was approaching and many students vacation over Summer.  ASB students spent two weeks planning the events for tourist week.  Vicario said, “We started this event because it would be a fun activity to have before the end of the school year to bring the traveling experience to the students.”

This week-long event had themes for each day.  Monday was Travel to Your Dreams, which encouraged students to wear pajamas to school.  Tuesday was Travel to the Happiest Place on Earth, so students are allowed to dress in Disney related clothes including Pixar, Marvel and more.  Wednesday was Travel to Victory so students may choose to wear sports-related clothes on that day.  Thursday was Travel to Paradise, so students could wear Hawaiian or tourist outfits.  Friday is Travel to the Past, which had a 60’s theme this year, and 60’s music played in the quad during lunch.

Seventh-grader Trina Tran said, “I really liked tourist week last year and I am excited for the activities and themes this year.”

For each themed day the dress code still applied but was altered.  The events changed from day to day, but they all related to the traveling theme.  There will be some lunchtime activities such as music or games throughout the week. Not every day will have an activity planned since the week is mainly to dress up for the theme.

Seventh-grader Jasmine Sanchez said, “My favorite theme last year was pajama day and I am excited to seeing everyone dressed up.”  

This is a yearly event and is planned to happen again next year.