MacArthur begins its 39th school year

August 12 marked the first day of school MacArthur, bringing a few new faces to campus and few new rules to follow

August 12 marked the first day of the 2019-20 school year for MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School.  The start of the school year brings three new teachers to campus and a few new rules for students to follow.

The three new teachers this year includes Mrs. Krystal Darrow, who teaches eighth-grade social studies in room 13; Ms. Zyania Lizarraga, who joins the special education department and will be teaching from room 11; and Mrs. Heather Rigby, who teaches seventh-grade language arts and sixth-grade AVID in room 10.  

Along with the incoming teachers, MacArthur also incorporates new school rules and expectations. The nutrition and lunch lines now allow you to take your backpack into the cafeteria.  This rule was adjusted to prevent theft that had occured when students left their backpacks outside the cafeteria. 

Assignment cards have also been modified due to the previous year.  Assignment cards now have 30-minute detentions as the fourth consequence and 60-minute detentions as the fifth.  Overall, the card has expanded from six steps to eight.

Lillie King Park access has also been restricted to 30 minutes after the school dismissal bell rings with security and administration looking over for student safety.  This policy was in place towards the end of last year, but this school year begins with the expectation in place.

As per tradition, the new rules were taught at the spirit, pride, and achievement assembly on Friday, August 16 in the PAR.  Students attended the assembly during class based on their grade level and last initial.  The assembly also reinforced the continuing rules and policies, too.

Assistant principal Mr. Ray Gonzales said, “I believe we will have a better understanding of the school campus this year and I hope we can meet the needs of each student.” 

The new school year provides an opportunity for incoming and returning students to work on their academics and get involved with different clubs, sports, and school activities. Start of school events and sports consists of Back to School Night, cross country, Spirit Rush, the Back to School Dance and Fun Fridays. 

Eighth-grader Mariah Gonzales said, “I am looking forward to all the fun events, clubs, and my new activities for this school year.”

Mr. Gonzales said, “My best advice to give new and returning students this year is to focus on academics and extracurricular activities. Also, students should not be afraid to ask a question and get help when needed.”