Three Summer intervention programs kept students busy

Approximately 100 students attended a Summer intervention program with teacher-created curriculum.

During Summer vacation, there were three intervention programs run at MacArthur from June 4 through June 28.  While the Summer enrichment program had been running for the past five years at MacArthur, this year all three approved programs fit into the intervention category, which had smaller student numbers and data-based selection criteria for students.

The programs included one on perseverance taught by Mr. Gregory Celestino, Mr. Patrick Evans, Mr. Peter Boyd, and Mr. Charles Manfre.  Another program focused on the Medieval era and was taught by Mr. John DeGree and Mr. Tim Fredrickson. Finally, Mr. Ron Cheser and Ms. Jill Carver ran a STEM-based ocean curriculum.  This was the first time that there were three programs simultaneously on campus in addition to the traditional Engage 360 program.  

About 100 students attended, split among three programs.  For the perseverance program, there was an average attendance of 50 students because four teachers were involved.  The other two programs average between 20 and 30 students daily.

According to Celestino, all three programs went on field trips. Celestino’s went to Cal State Fullerton for a campus tour and a round of bowling in the student union.  

Moses Monroy, eighth grade, said  “I went to Mr.Celestino’s summer program.  My favorite thing about the program was the field trip to Cal State Fullerton.”

Celestino’s favorite thing he taught in the Summer was that the narrated Google slide presentation the students created.  Also, he liked teaching in the Summer program because it is less rigorous than the regular school year, and he finds that students are more engaged.

To improve literacy skills, the students read The Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane by Russell Freedman to connect to the perseverance theme of the program.  For engagement and physical activity, students also did archery and rock climbing.  What the students liked about the students was that it was easier than school.  Celestino taught them how to overcome obstacles.

“I also went to Mr.Celestino’s Summer program.  Also, my favorite thing about the program was the field trip and spending time with my friends over the summer,” said eighth-grader Emilyz Pineda.

DeGree and Fredrickson’s Summer program was constructed as a Medieval History Camp.  Students crafted chain mail armor and even attended a field trip to Medieval Times in Buena Park.  

Thomas Le, eighth grade, said, “I went to Mr.Degree and Mr. Fredrickson’s summer program. My favorite thing about the program was spending time with friends and having another experience with the History Faire.”  The History Faire is an annual event in which seventh-graders participate in an entire day of Rennaisance themed activities.