VSCO Girls: A trend for the new school year

Named for the photography application VSCO, a new trend leaves an imprint on MacArthur students.

Scrunchies. Hydro flasks. Crocs. Fjallraven Kanken. On your Tik Tok feed, Snapchat feed or your Instagram feed these items may be a common thing you see. The phrases “sksksksk” or “and I oop” are constantly being said online, at your school, or (if you’re one of them) you yourself may say these things.  What do all of these have in common? Only one answer: VSCO girls. 

You are probably asking yourself what is a VSCO girl?  VSCO is an app used for editing your photo which you can post on any social media platform.  The app itself is a photography app.  It was launched back in 2012 and was created by the Visual Supply Company. 

During the summer of 2019, VSCO was at its peak.  The trend was ubiquitous, everywhere.  Through the app Tik Tok, it had become a trend to have hydro flask, scrunchies and crocs to fit the VSCO girl stereotype.  All anyone needed to become one was an oversized t-shirt and scrunchies. 

A typical VSCO girls look includes 1990’s inspired clothing items blended or replaced with any trendy clothing item.  Your local Brandy Melville, Pacsun, and Urban Outfitters are the places to go to find VSCO girl outfits and accessories. 

“I like those brands because they are super cute and trendy.  I always go to Pacsun because they have really nice and trendy clothes there,” said eighth-grader Trina Tran.

Hydro flasks are sold at any sports store and online.  They come in a variety of colors and sizes.  They are priced anywhere from $35 to $50.  VSCO girls also buy stickers from common online stores such as Redbubble and Amazon to personalize their hydro flasks.   

Scrunchies are priced $5 or cheaper, and they come in different materials and colors.  Scrunchies are the main and most noticeable accessory to be a VSCO girl.  They are used to put your hair up and wear on your wrist as an accessory. 

“Scrunchies are one of my favorite accessories and super simple to add to an outfit,” said eighth-grader Mariah Gonzalez.