The Back to School Dance raises over $1300

Both A.S.B. and Yearbook/Journalism clubs hosted the start-of-the-year dance to raise money for their clubs.

The A.S.B. and Journalism/Yearbook clubs hosted the Back to School Dance on September 20 as a fundraiser.  The dance was held in the PAR and the clubs and A.S.B. Adviser Mrs. Maria Vicario ran the snack bar with the help of A.S.B. students.

“The best part about the dance was when everyone was inside the P.A.R. dancing and having fun,” said seventh-grader Sergio Ulloa.

The theme for the dance was beach themed. The tickets were $5 and sold on Monday through Thursday during lunch on the week leading up to the dance.  The Back to School Dance was attended by 178 students.  

A.S.B. students were in charge of taking the tickets and handing out wristbands as students entered.  They also helped work the snack bar.  Journalism and yearbook students took pictures at the dance, too.

The amount of money that was made from the dance was over $1,300, $890 was made from the tickets that were sold, and $445 were sold from the snack bar.  For the Journalism/Yearbook club, the funds go to offsetting sweatshirt costs for the year. 

“The dance was really fun and they had better music this time,” said seventh-grader Kathy Rojas.

The food that was sold at the dance included pizza, chips, cupcakes made by A.S.B. students, cookies, watermelon, sodas, water, and Capri Suns. The cupcakes had crushed graham cracker topping to look like a beach, matching the theme.  The pizza and soda were sold out during the dance, totaling 16 pizza boxes and over 140 sodas.  

The DJ was Custodian Mr. Giovanni Agiluar. He took requests from students.  The D.J. stand was not on the stage this year Back to School Dance. 

“Overall the dance went pretty well, but this dance never has as many people as the Halloween dance,” said Journalism Adviser Mr. Gregory Celestino. 

The reason that we have dances is that we have them as fundraisers for the school and the clubs that host the dances.  The theme for the dances that we have throughout the years are the Back to School dance, the Halloween dance, the Winter dance, the Valentine’s dance, End of the Year dance and for the eighth-graders, there is the eighth-grade dance.