Football championship returns to MacArthur

Avenging last year's second place last year, the MacArthur football team takes the 2019 championship in a dramatic finish.

MacArthur football team placed first at Santa Ana Unified School District tournament, which was at Valley High School, on Saturday, October 12.  They won the championship by defeating Carr Intermediate by 1 point. 

Lozano said, “It was a very, very, very deep feeling, honored, to know that this might be the last team I coach.  It was a joy of working together and when times got tough, they will find a way to go through together.” 

Their first game was against Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School and MacArthur won 12 to 0.  The second game was a 28-0 victory over Esqueda K-8.  In the third game, they went to the semi-final against Villa Fundamental Intermediate School and won easily 32 to 0. 

In the final against Carr, it was a close game.  Carr scored a go-ahead touchdown with under a minute to play.  MacArthur came back and scored the final touchdown with no time on the clock. MacArthur Tigers won the game 20 to 19. 

On the final play, eighth-grader Michael Rocha caught a long pass along the sideline.  He evaded defenders and scored the winning touchdown as time expired.  This dramatic finish was celebrated by the entire MacArthur sideline, which ran onto the field after the score.

Eighth-grader, Kenneth Roman said, “I was so nervous when I was put in, but I try to blend in and try my best.” 

This year, the practices were run in the morning. There were two girls on the team this year. There were 85 participants but only 25 made the final team.  There were two coaches this year, Mr. Jesus Lozano and Engage 360 Program Leader Mr. George Cumpiano.  

According to Lozano, “The team was coachable and listened to what they were taught.” 

From 2014 through 2017, MacArthur had won four straight football championships.  However, the team placed second last year.  Now, the championship returns to MacArthur after a one-year hiatus.