Pep Rallies build spirit and recognition before tournaments

School administration and A.S.B. acknowledges athletic teams the day before their tournaments with game-filled Pep Rallies

A.S.B., Assistant principal Mr. Steve Bayouk, Counselor Mrs. Laurie Tristan and the coaches organized the Pep Rally for the hockey and volleyball team before their tournament on February 1.  The Pep Rally was to build spirit and support for the hockey and boys volleyball teams, who had a tournament the following day. The rally was held on January 31 at lunch, and there were games, a dance team performance, and acknowledgment of the team members.

Although the Pep Rally was to show spirit for the volleyball and hockey teams, A.S.B. and the school’s administrators put games in the quad for all students to be able to participate and have fun.  Students who attended the Pep Rally were able to cheer for the teams when they were announced by the principal. The teams ended the rally with a chant to create excitement for their competition.

The Pep Rally lasted 30 minutes during lunch and was mostly organized by A.S.B. members.  According to Bayouk, the Pep Rally helps the teams know that the school cares, which encourages the team to do well in their games.  This was the first time MacArthur has participated in the hockey tournament, and the team finished fourth overall.  With the Pep Rally, there is more attention brought to the after-school sports programs such as boys volleyball and hockey, both of which are newer programs at MacArthur.

“The Pep Rally was to get the team’s ready for their game the next day and to build spirit in them.  We hope that they do well,” said Principal Ms. Katie Berger.

Pep Rallies are a new activity this school year.  Counselor Mrs. Laurie Tristan became MacArthur’s Athletic Coordinator at the start of the school year, and one of the changes implemented was hosting Pep Rallies the day before the tournaments.  This helps build spirit and recognition for the teams heading into their competitions.

“The Pep Rally was really fun. I liked the games they put on and it was fun being able to cheer for the teams,” said sixth-grader Melissa Ramos. 

After the hockey team’s tournament, they were able to get to fourth place in their first year of competition. “It was nice to see that in every game they were improving and getting better little by little,” said Hockey Coach Mr. Tim Frederickson.