Active Skate Team demonstrates their skills on campus

Because of a successful sock-selling fundraiser, the Active Skate team demonstrated on campus for a fourth straight year.

The Active Skate Team performed a demonstration at MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate on December 13 during lunch on the blacktop.  Because the Boardriders club sold over 100 pairs of socks, the team agreed to the demonstration. The socks sale was a fundraiser for Boardriders Anonymous, the longest-running club on campus.  

Eighth-grader Alberto Vargas said, “Last year, the skate team performed cool tricks and we got some crazy, cool socks.”

Having the Active Skate Team come out to MacArthur has become an annual tradition for the past four years.  During the lunchtime demo, the professional skaters set up rails that they used to grind on and ollie over. A group of students took to the blacktop to watch the demonstration.

Eighth-grader Mathew Morales said, “I am really glad that the active skate team can perform tricks come yet another year.”

Boardrider’s Anonymous Adviser Mr. Pat Evans was responsible for coordinating the sock sale and booking the team for the on-campus demonstration.  Socks were an easy item to fundraise with because everyone can wear socks, not just skaters. Still, the goal was selling 100 pairs of socks in order to achieve the demonstration.

Eighth-grader Jose Medina said, “This has been my favorite event that happens here at MacArthur since I was in sixth grade.”

In January, some unfortunate news arrived that the Active Brand had become bankrupt and all retail locations were closed.  This might be the last year for a professional skating demonstration at MacArthur.