The Mandalorian has an outstanding first season

Even if you haven’t seen the show, you probably know about Baby Yoda, and that’s reason enough to dive into the first season.

On November 12, Disney plus premiered a new series set in the Star Wars Universe, The Mandalorian.  The show is about a mercenary bounty hunter who is trying to survive in the universe following the events of The Return of the Jedi.  

Producer John Favreau gets the most out of Pedro Pascal, who plays the title character, and Gino Corano, who plays Cara Dune as a recurring character who fills an important role during the climax of the series.  Because The Mandalorian is the first live-action Star Wars series, there were big expectations to fill for the season to be successful.

With all that aside – let’s be honest. The biggest thing fans are going crazy about is Baby Yoda.  No, the character is not actually named Baby Yoda, but that’s what all the fans refer to him.

Baby Yoda was introduced early into the show and has been with the Mandalorian as his little creature friend keeping him company. I did not like how Baby Yoda was introduced into the show as a bounty.  In fact, he was almost killed by a droid in the opening episode!

I love how Pascal’s Mandalorian has a good heart, which causes him to save Baby Yoda in the first place.  Even though he is a bounty hunter, which were generally villains in Star Wars, Mando, as he’s often referred to, has enough heroic traits to get the audience on his side.  

That and the Mandalorian has a good backstory that explains his motivations. The Mandalorian’s tragic backstory, his parents were killed in front of him at a young age, helps the audience connect more and understand why he accepted the harsh conditions of the Mandalorian culture.  

One common refrain throughout the season is the Mandalorians saying, “This is the way.”  I know it is said all throughout the season, but I still can’t seem to get why they say it.  I’m guessing in a way it’s showing how committed they are by their laws, rules, and culture. At the beginning, it seems harsh and cold, but by the end of the season, “This is the way” becomes reassuring.  The Mandalorian will protect Baby Yoda at all costs.

Towards the end of the season, Mando has been through a lot of challenges, especially between people he can trust and who he cannot. He has been almost killed many times because of his identity being spread and the fact that the remnants of the Empire want to capture Baby Yoda.

The losses in this series are very sad, especially since most have been people who have helped the Mandalorian on his mission to protect “the Child” (Baby Yoda) were kind and charitable.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch The Mandalorian you should start right away!