TikTok Houses

Popular TikTok creators have grouped into houses to create more content.

TikTok is an app where users create 15-sec video where to express themselves, most commonly with dance routines or lipsyncing.  Released in 2017, the success of TikTok has launched started some the careers of today’s biggest social media influencers. Since the success of TikTok, popular creators have grouped into three main TikTok houses, which are somewhat like Jake Paul’s Team 10 house. The three main houses are the Hype house, The Club house, and the Sway House, where multiple TikTokers and creators live with each other.

The Club House co-founders are Daisy Keech and Abby Rao even though Daisy is a co-founder for The Hype house she separated from the house because of the drama that she was involved in, she has recently started her own house. This house includes Daisy Keech, Abby Rao, Chase Keith, Marian Bear, Issak Presley, and more. The house is located in Beverly Hills California. The house has TikTokers, ex Disney stars, and Instagrammers. Although not everyone lives in the seven bedrooms,  four bathrooms, an elevator, two living rooms, two kitchens, a theatre room, a pool mansion they all come together and hang out about every day.

The Sway house is a house created by TalentX Entertainment the house includes Josh Richards, Bryce Hall, Anthony Reeves, Jaden Hossler, Griffin Johnson, Kio Cyr, and Nick Bean. The members are basically all tik tokers. The group made the house official in late 2019. The Sway House is located in Los Angeles California, most of the members do live in the house. They all post content together in and outside the house. Even though most people think that Hype house and Sway house are rivals but at least two people dated or are dating Hype house Members. All the Members are all Boys and there were at least 36 people that tried to get in the house but TalentX Entertainment only picked 7 members.

The Hype House was co-founded by three people Thomas Petrou, Daisy Keech, and Chase Hudson. There are 20 members which are Charli D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, Addison Rae, Dixie D’Amelio, Avani Gregg, Tony Lopez, Ondreaz Lopez, Nick Austin, larray, Kouvr Annon, Alex Warren, and more. The Hype house was created in November 2019. The Hype House is a really successful house. The net worth of the house is 10 million as of 2020. The Hype house has so many popular and most liked TikTokers in the house. There are Three girls that most people like which is the most followed person Charli D’amelio, Pouty Face girl Adison Rae, and Clown Girl Avani Gregg. The newest member of their house is larry. In the house there’s a lot of different talent besides TikTok there’s a vlogger Alex Warren and lots of dancers.