Mr. Ray Gonzales becomes principal of MacArthur

After Principal Ms. Katherine Berger was promoted to Valley High School, Mr. Ray Gonzales steps into the principalship of MacArthur.

Mr. Ray Gonzales was named principal of MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate on July 28 after Principal Ms. Katherine Berger was promoted to the principal of Valley High School.  MacArthur made the official announcement to students and parents over their social media channels.

Gonzales had served as the assistant principal of MacArthur for the previous two years.  He has significant experience with MacArthur having served as a student teacher, teacher, TOSA, which means teacher on special assignment, and assistant principal.  This is a contrast to Berger, who spent less than two years at MacArthur, having arrived from Santa Ana High School where she served as an assistant principal.

Gonzales now looks to leave an impact of his own on the campus.  “The difference between being the assistant principal and the official principal is that I used to hear Ms. Berger’s ideas for the school, but now I share my ideas and visions with others now,” said Gonzales.

One new program that Gonzales has already implemented is the zero-period seminar class that all students participate in.  The seminar is designed as a class for social and emotional learning as well as a place where announcements and school-wide messages can be shared.  Already, students have participated in Gonzales’ weekly email, responding to quotes of the week in the digital planner.

To become a principal, there is a series of interviews after the initial application process.  The first round is completed by committees of teachers, parents, and district-level personnel.  After having the candidates limited to three, Gonzales interviewed with district personnel at the cabinet level before having his position finally approved by the school board.

“I feel like Mr. Gonzales is going to do a good job of being the principal because he is hard working, responsible, and creative, and we are very lucky to have him as our principal,” said eighth-grader Mayrene Ramirez Alvarez.

Beginning his principalship during the COVID-19 pandemic and distance learning is an extraordinary challenge, but Gonzales has tried to remain positive.  “I like Mr.Gonzales because he brings positivity to this school, he shows that he cares about everyone individually and tries to respect our decisions and help us” said eighth-grader Diana Ramirez.