What people are saying: Kim and Kanye’s divorce

All over social media, news of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce has dominated celebrity news.

The year 2021 has already started with heartbreaking news: “Kimye” has officially announced that their marriage will be ending.  On January 5, reality TV star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West officially broke the news that they are parting ways.  Kim has reportedly hired divorce attorney Laura Wasser to represent her.  The “couple” has been living separate lives with Kanye living in his ranch in Wyoming and Kim living in their original married home. 

The news was immediately consumed by MacArthur students who began reacting.  “I personally think they had a good and stable relationship where they had a happy family and always did things to help each other improve more and more.  I would also look up to their relationship because they seemed happy and I wanted something like them,” said eighth-grader Paola Flores.

Reported across multiple news and gossip sites, the marriage really started going downhill around early December in 2020.  The couple had a fight that never seemed to heal. The couple has also stopped going to their marriage counseling according to sources. 

According to elle.com, “Kim and Kanye are separating because of fighting in the relationship.  Kim seems to give off vibe that she’s “grown” up and wants to study to become a lawyer but Kanye is being mean in saying her and her family’s show is ‘unbearable’, but he’s also doing wild things like running for president. They say they’ve been to months of counseling but obviously not working. Their lives don’t add up together, Kim has had enough.”

Also, a Vanity Fair article claimed that Kim needed the marriage to end for her own sanity’s sake.

Even though Kim has not said anything, lately, her Instagram posts have multiple pictures without her wedding ring.  She is giving mixed signals with some pictures of her actually wearing her $2 to $4 million dollar ring. 

Another source reportedly told People Magazine that Kim is “done.”

With all of the world’s problems, like the COVID pandemic, this may seem trivial.  However, their social media reach and influence are tremendous, and Kim had been more politically minded with her recent push for criminal justice reform.