Women’s History Month 2021

Having lessons in Tiger Connection and on the morning announcements, MacArthur celebrates Women’s History Month

In 1981 Women’s history month originated as a national celebration.  Women’s history month is all about sharing stories to salute all the women who made or are making history.  For 2021, the theme is “Valiant Women of the Vote: Refusing to Be Silenced.”

Some ways MacArthur students can start participating in Women’s History month include streaming female music artists such as Rihanna, ASHE, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, etc., watching movies directed by women and with female leads, and, most importantly, spreading awareness of issues women still have to face today.  Some problems that Women’s History brings awareness to are the gender pay gap (the fact females earn less than men on average in the United States), harmful beauty standards, and domestic violence. 

During Tiger Connection class, MacArthur provided lessons on Women’s History month, and taught about some women who made a difference in the world on the weekly announcement.  Seventh-grader Andrea Pacheco said, “They should conclude a contest about women’s history month for our Tiger Connection class.”

Some women that MacArthur students will learn about include Harriet Tubman, Anne Frank, Coco Chanel, Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, Amelia Earhart, and many others!

All of these womens made a difference in the world and are inspiring to many young girls all around the world.  Seventh-grader Sophie Stephans said, “I think it is inspirational for younger girls to see all of the women who have made a difference in history.” 

With Kamala Harris being elected the first female vice president of the United States in 2020, among many other firsts she represents, she serves as a symbol of progress and inspiration for everyone during the 2021 Women’s History month.  

At her victory speech, Harris spoke on her vision and said, “Black women, Asian, white, Latina, and Native American women throughout our nation’s history who have paved the way for this moment tonight. Women who fought and sacrificed so much for equality, liberty, and justice for all, including the Black women, who are too often overlooked, but so often prove that they are the backbone of our democracy. What a testament it is to Joe’s character that he had the audacity to break one of the most substantial barriers that exists in our country and select a woman as his Vice President. But while I may be the first woman in this office, I won’t be the last. Because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities.”