The Miraculous Ladybug is show worth watching

A forgotten Nickelodeon series finds new life thanks to Netflix and TikTok.

The show Miraculous Ladybug originally came out on September 1, 2015 but has found new life thanks to social media and Netflix.  The show aired on Nickelodeon and then in, 2018 began streaming on Netflix.  For many MacArthur students, the show had not been known that well until recently when the show became a trending topic on TikTok.  In my opinion, I think the popularity that this show is getting is well deserved.

Honestly, the Miraculous Ladybug is quite entertaining.  The series stars two teenage kids named Marinette and Adrien who take on the superhero-like personas Ladybug and Cat Noir by being chosen to save and protect Paris from a villain named Hawk Moth.  

In typical superhero fashion, both Ladybug and Cat Noir are required to keep their identities a secret from each other and even their loved ones for their safety.  Hawk Moth, the villain, has the power to “Akumitize” people, possibly turning them into villains.  He makes a deal with the person that he will grant them power if they give him the miraculous of Cat Noir and Ladybug.

The two superheroes soon realize that the reason he wants their power is that he wants a wish that only the source of their power can grant.  Ladybug and Cat Noir have to fight villains every day to protect Paris and themselves. 

The show also has lots of friendships and relationships between all the characters.  Many people, including me, love the friendship between Marinette and Adrien.  It is quite funny and adorable seeing Marinette have a huge crush on Adrien, but he seems to be clueless about it because he thinks it is just how friends love each other.  

Another friendship that is nice is Marinette and Alya, who is her best friend.  They met each other on their first day of school and became close when Alya stood up for her when one of her classmates made fun of her. 

All the kids protect each other when they come in contact with danger, which is really nice because it shows that, although they have their differences, they work together to keep each other from harm.  

People should watch the series because the plot of the show is really good, and it has an in-depth plot and characterization.  In each episode, the two superheroes fight a different villain, so it is not the same challenge, giving both Ladybug and Cat Noir a new reason to show off their superpowers and fighting ability.